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lara91's Journal

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Simple girl. Hates drama. Loves friends. Shy at first. Relatively smart. 17 finally. Loves television. Loves to make graphics. Loves music more than anyone. Loves fueled by ramen. Can't stand arrogance. Rarely a risktaker. Not afraid of wanting to be different. Looses a lot. Learns from her loses. Hates to talk on the phone. Loves to text way too much. Always on the internet. Has a hard tiume opening up. Gets frustrated sometimes. Curses like a sailor sometimes. Listens to lots of music. Not afraid to be envious. Tough to know. Overly theoretical. Honestly tries to do the right thing.

Music. Art. School. Reading. Television. Movies. Computer. Paramore. The Academy is. This Providence. Forever the Sickest Kids. The Maine. Armor for Sleep. Envy on the Coast. Gym Class Heroes. Taking Back Sunday. TheAudition. Something Corperate. Jack's Mannequin. Gregorie McGuire. Anne Brashares. Meg Cabot. Wicked. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. One Tree Hill. Veronica Mars. Gilmore Girls. Desperate Housewives. House. Grey's Anatomy. Gossip Girl.

This is just my place for my thoughts. I don't mean to offend anyone in anyway. I just need to vent here sometimes. Thanks so much for stylesheet by refuted. And awesome profile layout by kirsiicons!